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Headless eCommerce

Take your store to the next level with headless

Our Fast and Agile solution powers your store with PWA technology. Enhancing performance, scalability and user experience. 

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Wholesale commerce

Digitalize your order process and create happy clients

Connect headless to your ERP or use our powefull middleware solution. Avoid large investments and benefit our advanced B2B tools.

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lightR Commerce setting the future

New standard

Drop bounce-rates and seamless user experience without excessive data usage or ping delays.

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Platform independent

Built with a headless approach make it able to connect to any existing platform such or ERP such as Sage, SAP or Dynamics.

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Full PWA

Offering native app features such as Ofline navigation or barcode scan add to cart for enhanced user experience and more sales.

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What is lightR commerce?

LightR Commerce can be best defined as Fast and Agile Headless Commerce Solution. Let us explain what we mean by that.

It uses a complete new way to render the webpages to the end user. This proces also known as client side rendering avoids the classic webpage generation as where HTML and other files are completely rendered on a remote server and then served to the user which requires pingtime and bandwidth. lightR commerce is only sending flat data to the end user and the mobile phone, tablet or any other device will render the graphic output and functionalities. This results in webpages being rendered over 230% times faster than traditional web.

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The way lightR commerce is coded makes it suitable for any enviroment, whether it is B2B or B2C ecommerce. The output coding can be personalised to any requirement that it has to support without having to touch other core processes. Reducing the time to market recources required to build up a new project.

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This term means that it is eCommerce platform independent. It can run on any platform with a graphQL API availablity. Therefore it can connect existing stores build with Prestashop, Magento and Woocommerce or directly to an ERP package such as SAGE, MS Dynamics or SAP package. The headless solution si also fully compatible with lowcode solutions such as BettyBlocks and Creatio. Depending the options of the ERP we have an optional middleware platform that can enhance and customize the selling platform.

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How does lightR work?

lightR commerce is a software data package that uses proven frameworks to generate the online stores. On first visit of the store it installs automatically a software package on the end user device. That device will generate the page itself and the end user can use the application. In our most common example it is a ecommerce ordering platform, but due to its agile coding the technology can support many purposes.

The data to generate the interface is provided by a very powerful GraphQl API. This tool has been coded by Facebook developers in order to serve up to date data and content to the end user in an efficient way.

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An online server that is serving data in a much more efficient way then traditional Apache servers. Ping times are reduced and data packages are being cached to optimize delivery to the client.

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React is the reason our development is so agile. The core engine of lightR commerce that helps rendering the final screens to the end user. Getting the best out of development time.

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Why is this new?

Let us take you on a journey through the history of websites and browsers. In the good old days web browsers were printing HTML output. So a coder coded an html page and hurray: there was a page. Soon after that, site owners wanted more flexibility and there came the CMS systems. Managing the content of web pages. Powerful tools that are giving the webmaster flexibilty to deliver more content to the users in a more efficient way. The pages were generated by servers that have a database, scripting like .php, .net or other that convert the stored data into webpages and the web pages are served to the web browser. Once the html is loaded the rest of the coding is loaded and tranferred from the server.

This website generating process is ever since used and is used by all major CMS and eCommerce platforms. Resulting in: high amounts of pings, data generation by the server and dangerous weaknesses on the safety side. To limit the effects of all these processes, cache was introduced but it wasn´t enough.

As leaders in internet experience, Google was not happy. They want the end user to have the best experience and so they announced that websites who render their pages in a more efficient way will get a higher search result. And there the race began that speed is everything, with AMP (accelirated mobile pages) and soon after that PWA (Progressive Web App).

The React framework used by lightR commerce is the proven platform now for generating the pages. Bringing eCommerce platforms to the top of the ranking, reducing Bounce rates and delivering a native app like experience to the end user.

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What is PWA?

Progressive Web App is a term for software packages that use browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox integrated functionalities in order to give the best user experience posible. PWA nowadays is so good that it is considered by developers and marketeers better then a Native app launching from the Apple or Google play store. 

The way data is stored onto the end user´s device, makes it possible to for example:

Send push notifications, add the device to the home screen or work offline without any internet connection at all. Also other functions such as geo positioning, camera and other options that are on devices nowadays can be included inside the functionlities used by the PWA.

Progressive Web App combines the best of a native app and the constant update flows coming from an ecommerce platform. The two characteristics combined are a perfect combination for ecommerce businesses and B2B information platforms.

Read more about PWA and its marketing effect in our factsheet.

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Especially for larger decision teams and consultants we have a factsheet available. Get yourself educated, read our interesting data and real world examples from the headless and PWA approach.

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Our success stories

Donpersiana built on lightR commerce B2C


country: spain

Using redsys as a payment provider and includes Page builder technology.

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