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Order grid

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A unique B2B feature for commerce enviroments that lets front-end users order multiple product variations from a single product page. Complete with stock messages and product image swatches.  When Order grid is activated and installed the front end of the website will display a order grid with all important B2B information in a easy to use order form.

The order form is showing Tier prices and stock messages per individual sku variants. Our lightR order grid functionality can be grouped by attribute variant using the admin controls.

Does your store functions as a Wholesale online portal or ar you serving both B2B and B2C clients than the order grid functionlity is a must have.

The component supports visualisation of the product options inside the grid.

  • Image as swatch
  • Swatch color
  • Swatch image
  • Swatch label

The order grid is compatible with the Stock message component.

This development is part of the headless development and is compatible with any Magento 2 version 2.3.5-p1 or higher. This feature is using the configurable product option from the powerfull middleware solution.


After updateing your middle ware and activating the order grid component.

Within the configurable product edit screen you will see a new option: "Display mode"

you can access this option by navigating to :

Catalog >Configurable product > display mode

The display mode will show you three options:

  1. Normal
    The configurable product will be show with classic b2c selection interface.
  2. Order grid
    The order grid will be loaded for all customers on the front-end
  3. Order grid for logged in customers
    The order grid will be loaded for logged in customers only. Not logged in clients will see the regular configurable product selection interface.

Aply to all products: 

Go to 
Catalog > products 

From the order grid select the products you want to update.

Then select from the Actions tab the option: Update attributes and select the desired value in the attribute Display mode you want to apply to your product selection

Product sorting order
You can set the sorting order of the products in the order grid. The sorting is defined by the position of the configurable attribute variables  in the backend. 

To set the order go to:
Catalog > product

Select a configurable product and go to section Configurations  > EDIT CONFIGURATIONS > STEP 2 ATTRIBUTES VALUES >

The order grid will group the articles by the first attribute group defined.

When done sorting complete the wizard by clicking NEXT and Save the product

Visual configuration option.
The order grid is compatible with options for 

Image as swatch
Set the simple product image to use as swatch and it will be used in the grid.

Swatch color
In case a swatch is set in the attribute options in the catalog the swatch color  will be displayed in the order grid.

Swatch image
In case a image is set as a swatch for the attribute option in the catalog the order grid will display the swatch image. This is not the same as setting a product image as swatch.

Swatch label
The order grid is repecting the store front attribute label defined in the attribute option list.

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Installation Instructions

In order to work this module requires the lightr Order grid Graphql plugin installed on the Magento