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Release notes LightR Hosted and Dedicated

Custom Stock messages

Allows admin users to control the stock status printing on the front-end of their lightr store.

This component allows you set up to  4 differtent stock messages meeting certain conditions: 

  1. Condition: Stock value <= Treshold & backorder = NO backorder
    Message example: Out of stock
  2. Condition: Stock value <= Treshold
    Message ex: Final units, order before we run out of stock.
  3. Condition: Stock value => Treshold
    Message ex: Available
  4. Condition: Stock value - items in Cart &lt;= 0 &amp; Backorders = Allow Qty Below 0 and Notify Customer
    Message ex: Some of the items in cart are not in the main warehouse, please get in touch with us for more details.

NOTE: This element accepts HTML structure.