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Out of stock threshold

Use a negative value for this threshold to set the maximum amount of products that can be backordered before the product is truly considered out of stock. This amount adds to the salable quantity. The value set at the product level overrides any value set at the global level.

The formula for the Salable Quantity is 

(Quantity - (Out-of-Stock Threshold))

When customers purchase more than 25 products, new orders enter as backorders. As the product’s Salable Quantity reduces to 5 (70 items have been sold), the Product page will display a message Only 5 left on the storefront. When the Salable Quantity reaches 0, the product is displayed as Out of Stock in the storefront.

The following is an example:

  • Quantity: 25
  • Notify for Quantity Below: 10
  • Only X left Threshold: 5
  • Out of Stock Threshold: -50

The Salable Quantity for this product is: 75 (25 - (-50))