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Release notes LightR Hosted and Dedicated

Partial payment link creator

This partial payment functionality adds links to any order with an open total due amount. It allows the administrator to inform the customer by copying and sending the links a, after which a partial payment can be executed.


Set new configurations in the bakend: Stores > Configuration > Young-Dogs > PartialPayments


Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated


Enables / Disables Module. When enabled Payment Links will be available in the Order Details 

Percentage Downpayment 

Defines the percentage for the first payment  

Success Payment Page  

CMS Page to which client is redirected after a successful partial payment  

Failed Payment Page 

CMS Page to which client is redirected after a failed partial payment 

After activating the Partial Payment component, a block will be created in all orders with an amount due for payment. In this block you will find Partial Payment links and their linked copy button. Depending on the Total Due Amount of the order there will be one or two links visible.


How to create the links:

Create an order as usual in the backend. After creating the order it will get status waiting for payment. The links are shown in the block Partial Payment Links. 


The link can be copied by simply clicking the 'Copy' button or the link itself. 



Once any payment is done the links will dissapear when the the full amount is done. Or a new links is created with a Rest Payment.  

Condition: (Total Due > 0) AND Total Due  <> Grand Total 

This is the situation when the initial payment / down payment is made 

Block with One link will be added: