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Release notes LightR Hosted and Dedicated

Release V220421

Release notes - LightR commerce - Version V220421


LC-374 Qty change doesn't recalculate price in bundle products

LC-372 Fix bundle product unsupported option types

LC-338 Configurator : need instruction how to set a default color in case multiple items which are selectable per group

LC-336 Configurator bug : case height value is not shown in the demo rendered in case of a case height matrix

LC-335 configurator bug : exceeding square meters max limit

LC-334 add unique keys to discount summary elements

LC-303 respect order of shipping methods


LC-365 configurator: remove disabled when value is entered: if only one value is available

LC-341 configurator: productconfigurator.js: attribute print only if values

LC-340 configurator : change ad to cart button behaviour

LC-312 Configurator: group case

LC-311 Configurator multiprice matrix

LC-223 include feedback company on frontend


LC-344 Default Category sort should match default backend sort

LC-343 Set fetch policy and next fetch policy for cms block query