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Release notes LightR Hosted and Dedicated

Release V250621

Release notes - LightR commerce - Version V250621


New features

- Skeleton load
Skeleton load is an animation which is shown to the front end visitor when the page is still loading the data.

- Order grid B2B
A special business to business solution for ordering multiple variants of one product at one time.



LC-550 internal server error when searching and no results

LC-547 Filters block doesnt load

LC-546 Skeleton: category not anchor and has no category grid

LC-545 Respect customer id in promotion banners graphql

LC-544 Redis/prerenderer host and port to config variables


LC-549 Resolve group_id in query getCustomer

LC-543 configurator: review product order lines add to cart

LC-539 Fix quantity in order history

LC-537 Tier pricing discount percentage : improve

LC-536 resolve pricing and caching issues

LC-532 Incorporated base favicon set

LC-503 breadcrumb component buggy


LC-548 Backend modifications for order grid

LC-534 Don't load filters if category is not anchor

LC-533 Hide filter block if only one option to filter for